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Advanced Process Cooling – Adiabatic  Hybrid

VIRGA III® and VIRGA X3® hybrid adiabatic cooling systems release a fine water spray to precool the air before it’s pulled over the copper cooling tubes – lowering the ambient air temperature and increasing the heat rejection capacity.

The control system cycles individual fans as process water temperature dictates, and only employs water in the cooling process when necessary during the hottest months of the year to maintain the desired exiting fluid temperature and prevent summer overheating. During cooler months, water is not required and the unit operates as a dry air cooler.

VIRGA hybrid adiabatic cooling systems do not rely on a reservoir of standing water – eliminating a primary breeding ground for Legionella bacteria and winter sump freezing. Additionally, VIRGA III® and VIRGA X3® reduce water consumption by up to 95% when compared to traditional fluid coolers. VIRGA systems are virtually maintenance free, do not require costly chemical treatment programs, and are offered with EC or NEMA fan motors to help minimize energy consumption. VIRGA systems are engineered and manufactured by NIMBUS in the U.S.A.

In addition to providing custom, innovative cooling solutions for any industry, NIMBUS engineers its products and services to address environmental sustainability issues. BE BLUE is NIMBUS’ rallying cry for industries to conserve and preserve a resource we all agree is precious – water. A natural extension of the Go Green lexicon BE BLUE represents the NIMBUS philosophy of providing alternative, practical, and economical cooling solutions that reduce energy consumption and only employ water in the cooling process when necessary.

Save Water, Save Health, Save Energy – BE BLUE

Our products include:

  • VIRGA III® and VIRGA X3® Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling Systems
  • BOREAS® Dry Cooling Systems
  • BLUEDRIVE® Coolant Circulation Systems
  • Filter Systems

Hybrid Adiabatic Water & Air Flow

VIRGA III® Advanced HVACR Cooling Performance Specifications

VIRGA X3® Performance Specifications

BOREAS V Specs Nimbus

BOREAS® VSeries Performance & Sales Sheet

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